Books For Reluctant Early Readers

Do you have a reluctant early reader in your house? We do. It took a long time for him to pick up the ability to recognize sight words, letter sounds, and how to pull it all together. With a lot of extra help, he is now able to read easy words and showing more interest in books. I made a list of our favorite books for early readers that he can now, at the end of Kindergarten, read on his own or with little assistance. They are mostly packed with a lot of humor to keep him entertained, repetition to make word recognition easier, and are just right for him to gain confidence.

They are in no particular order. We love them all.

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Drop it, Rocket

Rocket is a little puppy finding new things for his word tree. Until he finds a red boot he doesn’t want to let go. What will finally make him give it up? A fantastic book for early readers that are just getting the hang of recognizing words.

Green Eggs and Ham

A classic. Sam doesn’t want to try green eggs and ham. The book is full of rhymes and humor.

Pete the Cat’s Groovy Bake Sale

Pete wants to bake cookies for his school’s bake sale. It all turns into a big mess. Will he be able to come up with something delicious? Pete the Cat books are all wonderful. We own most of them and re-read them often.

Big Shark, Little Shark

Big Shark has big teeth; Little Shark has little teeth. Big Shark swims fast; Little Shark swims slow. But they are both hungry! Will they each succeed in finding a tasty snack? Little Shark is hoping that he won’t become fast food for Big Shark!

We Are Growing

Walt and his friends are growing fast and everyone seems to have a special trait but him. Will he discover what makes him unique?

The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog

The pigeon finds a hot dog and wants it all for himself. But the duckling has never had a hot dog before and would really like a bite. How will they solve their dilemma?

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See

Another classic by Eric Carle. Easy wording and repetition make this book great for an early reader.

Get The Giggles

A great joke book for kids. Be prepared to hear them over and over. A little more difficult than the other books for early readers but lots of fun.

My Toothbrush Is Missing

This book is part of the Giggle Gang book series by Jan Thomas. They are more geared to early readers and all of them are hilarious.

Dog can’t find his toothbrush. Will he ever find it?

We Are In A Book!

Elephant and Piggie are in a book and discover how fun it is to be read. But what happens once the book ends?

We love Mo Willems books but this one is our favorite Elephant and Piggie story.

Rhyming Dust Bunnies

The dust bunnies love to rhyme. Well, all but Bob. He can never get it right and it is frustrating for everyone. But then he rescues everyone from a monster wielding a broom.

Another fun book by Jan Thomas who wrote a lot of wonderful books for early readers.

What This Story Needs Is A Pig In A Wig

Join the pig on a boat ride with her friends. Lots of rhymes and easy wording geared for emergent readers.

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