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12 Fun Science Experiments for Kids

Science experiments are not boring at all. There are so many fun and hands-on activities you can do with preschoolers and older that will leave them fascinated and asking for more. Here are 12 experiments to introduce your kids to the wonderful world of science.

1. How to make a Galaxy Jar

This Galaxy Jar looks magical! The Inspiration Edit shows you how to make this Galaxy Jar with a few easy ingredients. You can choose your own colors to make different looking jars. The page also features Galaxy Playdough and a yummy galaxy treat. Hop on over to The Inspiration Edit for some galactic fun.

2. Magic Milk Science Experiment

Kids love the Magic Milk experiment and we have done this activity in preschool several times. Mom.Wife.Busy Life. is giving you instructions on how to create magic in your own kitchen. There is also a great video to show you how the colors flow.

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3. Skittles Experiment

Skittle don’t only taste great, they also are good for science! Living Life and Learning wrote a tutorial on how to create a rainbow by just adding one ingredient. Your kids will be amazed. You just have to keep them from eating the candy until the experiment is done.

4. Dancing Grapes

Lil Tigers makes grapes dance with one simple ingredient. Watch the video and see how the grapes are bouncing around the glass.

5. Pumping Heart Model

Team-Cartwright demonstrates how you can make a pumping heart model in a few easy steps. What a great way to teach kids how the body works.

6. Ice Melt Experiment

This is by far my kids’ favorite activity. Excavating little toys out of ice is a wonderful activity on a hot day. Momtivity shows you how it is done on her page.

7. Bottle Rockets

Bottle rockets are fascinating. The STEAM Powered Family explains how to make a bottle rocket that launches high into the air. Watch the video, you will enjoy it!

8. Rock Candy Science Experiment

This experiment is more for elementary students and older as it involves the stove. See how you can make your own rock candy at home with Hess Un-Academy. The article also includes printable worksheets.

9. Rubber Egg Experiment

This is such a fascinating experiment. Little Bins for Little Hands shows you how to dissolve an egg shell to expose the rubbery interior underneath. They experiment with the naked eggs and make all kinds of discoveries.

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10. The Best Science Experiments for Kids

The Growing Creatives did five fun experiments easy enough for toddlers to help. Check out how to make geodes, ooblek and how to cause liquids to erupt.

11. Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment

Mom. Wife. Busy Life created this beautiful mess with the baking soda and vinegar science experiment. Easy to do, ideal for preschoolers.

12. Rainbow Cloud

Lil Tigers teaches you how to make rain clouds. Watch the video how they create a pretty rainbow in a water glass. Great activity for teaching about weather.

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