12 Simple Activities to Help Kids Brush their Teeth (without a fight)

Guest post written by Charlie from Paper Scissors Craft.

Brushing a kid’s teeth can be a fight, but with a little extra effort and some simple activities, it doesn’t have to be. 

Brushing Kids Teeth

I don’t think I have ever enjoyed brushing my children’s teeth. I think I can count on 1 hand the times it’s actually not been a fight to get my children to brush their teeth. 

They hate it, and sometimes it’s impossible to get them to open their mouth, and keep it open. 

Plus, they have all those teeth. Yikes!

Our kid’s pediatric dentist told us that we should be brushing our kid’s teeth until they are 8. WOW!

I hate taking my kids to the dentist, mostly because I feel like a bad mom. I have to answer no to all their interrogating questions: Do you floss their teeth? Do you brush them every day? Do you brush morning and night? No, no, no. 

I discovered that if I do some type of activity with them while we brush, it’s not so bad and not so much of a fight. 

Here are 12 ideas for simple activities to do when brushing your children’s teeth. 

 12 Simple Activities to Help Kids Brush their Teeth

Beat the timer

One thing you can do is set a timer and see if they can beat it. It’s so simple, but a little bit of competitiveness goes a long way. We have Alexa, so they hear me set the timer, and hear it go off.


Play their song, or their “jam” while they brush their teeth. You could also dance while they brush, and make it a dance party.

Alexa App

There is an Alexa app called Chompers that will sing songs, tell jokes and riddles, and do silly things for 2 minutes while they brush. If you have Alexa, you’ll have to try it out. You could also look up other Alexa toothbrush apps. 

Animal in their mouth

Every night have them pick an animal that they want “running” around in their teeth. Then make noises or do actions of that animal while brushing their teeth.


Let them pick their own toothbrush. Maybe one with their favorite character on it. It might make them more eager to brush their teeth. They have a ton at the dollar store. Your kids might even like an electric toothbrush. 

Reward chart to help kids brush their teeth

Create a reward chart. Every time they brush their teeth without a fight, let them add a sticker to the chart. Once it’s full, they can get a treat, or a toy. 


I had a babysitter growing up that would always fly us to the bathroom to brush our teeth. I never complained about brushing my teeth, and we only got to do it when it was time to brush our teeth so it made it special. 

Making Faces

Something I am currently doing with my son is making weird noises and faces while I brush his teeth. It works every time. He laughs, and let’s me brush his teeth. 

Watch a video

There are several videos out there that show characters brushing their teeth and the importance of doing it. Our favorites are Elmo and Daniel Tiger. 

Have them practice on a doll

Sometimes when kids are in charge, they are more willing to do something. You could let them brush their dolls teeth to practice or have them do it while you are brushing their teeth. They get to do it, have fun, and are distracted. 

Brush outside the bathroom

Let the kids brush their teeth outside, in the kitchen, or in mommy and daddy’s bathroom. Switching it up can make it more exciting for them. 

Do a craft

Do more education about brushing teeth so they understand the importance of it. One way to do this is to make a tooth/teeth craft. Sometimes talking about it more, makes it more normal in their minds. 

I wish you luck in your tooth-brushing adventures. I hope one of these activities works for your little person! 


Charlie is a mother of two, a boy and a girl. She loves exercising, spending time with family, watching movies and blogging. She blogs about easy and cheap kids crafts and activities at Paper Scissors Craft

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