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2 Ingredient Cloud Dough

2 ingredient cloud dough and the likes have always been a big hit in this household and especially when I taught preschool. It is not only fun but it also helps with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill development.

Cloud dough is super soft and pliable and only requires two ingredients that you probably already have at home: cornstarch and hair conditioner. It is quick to make, Gluten free and doesn’t require any cooking.

How to make cloud dough

You need:

2 cups of cornstarch

1 cup of cheap and preferable white hair conditioner

food coloring (optional)

mixing bowl

Mix the cornstarch and conditioner together until it forms a soft dough. If you would like to add food coloring, divide the mass into portions, add a few drops of coloring and knead well until the color is evenly spread.

If the dough is too crumbly add a bit more conditioner. Add more cornstarch if it is too sticky.


Cloud dough has a shelf life of about a week. It needs to be stored in an airtight container or a Ziploc bag. In case you are iffy (like me) about mixing colors wrap each color separately in plastic wrap and then put it in the container. Otherwise the doughballs will stick together and mix.

If left out the dough dries out very quickly. Add a bit of hair conditioner to make it pliable again. Making and playing with cloud dough is a bit messy, especially if it turns crumbly. After my son and I mixed and colored the dough I left it unattended for a couple hours to come back to this:

As you can see someone was having fun but be prepared for some clean-up!

Cloud dough is not edible. Please keep away from toddlers and supervise play if they still put things in their mouths.

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