Bug Hunt and FREE Printables for Preschoolers

Bugs are awesome!

As long as they are not in my house, car, or in my line of view. They are fascinating and serve a great purpose but they can be slightly scary. Most insects in Tennessee are harmless but if you have ever been confronted with a TN centipede in your bathroom sink at 2 a.m. in the morning you know what I am talking about. However most small kids just adore beetles and Co. My daughter used to love snails when she was a toddler and always brought them into the house. So let’s go on a bug hunt!

Catch some bugs!

Go outside and explore. See what kind of insects are living in your neighborhood. You won’t have to go far. Your own yard is full of creepy crawlers.

We have a bug-catcher kit with a magnifying glass, butterfly net, and plastic insects, in case we can’t catch any live ones. Ours is quite old and not available for sale any longer but this is a great one:


You do not need a fancy bug kit but it would be neat to have a magnifying glass and a small clear container to keep your animal in while you take a closer look.

Please, do not try to catch insects that can sting you or are poisonous. Those are better inspected from a safe distance. Always stay with your child.

Look at your findings. Are they winged? How many legs do they have? Where do they live and what do they eat? How do they hunt? You can look up your favorites online or in an insect book to learn more. It is quite interesting.

If you are not a fan of the real deal:

If you prefer to stay away from spiders and beetles you can also use toy insects and hide them in your yard. Most Dollar and craft stores carry inexpensive bags and tubs of plastic bugs. I have even seen them at the checkout in our local grocery store.

Printable activity pages:

I designed free printable activity pages for preschoolers. You can download them below.

I hope you will enjoy this bug hunt with your child.

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