Fortune Teller Cootie Catcher

Fortune Tellers Cootie Catchers were very popular when I was little. According to my kids and their friends they still are. I will show you how to fold a cootie catcher and added a free printable for you to use. Or you can make your own with a square piece of paper.

Print and cut out out the cootie catcher printable.

Take your piece of paper and fold it in half diagonally, making sure the two opposite corners meet. Crease the fold with your finger, and open it back up. Then fold it in the opposite direction and open it. You should have an X showing on your paper.

Then fold all four corners toward the center.

Flip your paper over and fold all four corners towards the center. Make sure to crease the folds.

Fold the paper in half in both directions. This will make it easier to work the fortune teller.

Work your thumbs and pointer fingers into the four pockets. Move the cootie catcher back and forth to loosen the paper.

How to play

  1. Ask a friend for a question to be answered (Will it rain tomorrow? Is Grandma coming over this weekend?…) Then have him or her choose an image from the cootie catcher: balloons, sun, cupcake, heart.
  2. For each letter of the chosen word, open and close the cootie catcher in the opposite direction. If you can’t spell yet count out the age of your friend.
  3. When the word is done being spelled, ask your friend to pick a number from the inside selections.
  4. Count out the number by opening and closing the cootie catcher.
  5. Have your friend pick the final number and open the flap. The answer is written under the flap.

Download the template right here:

I hope you will have fun playing with your new fortune teller. Check out my other crafts and activities for more.

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