DIY Walking Map For Kids

DIY Walking Map for Kids, Guest post by Susanne Williams – When my kids were little they loved to go for walks with Grandma and explore the woods, fields, and wildflowers on the way. Now they are older and don’t want to go for regular walks anymore.

With this pandemic going on and social distancing, we started to go for daily walks again. 6 weeks in my older kids got bored of going for regular strolls and didn’t want to go anymore, I had to find a new idea to make things interesting again.

That’s when I came up with drawing my own kid-friendly walking map for them. Like on a treasure hunt, I drew different stations on the map for orientation along our walking route.

I packed a picnic and marked our picnic spot with an „X“. This activity kept them interested, and they enjoyed reading the map and following the marked way.

Here is what you will need for the walking map


  • paper
  • marker

Let’s get started and make your own walking map for kids. Here is your step by step tutorial.


Step 1: Make a plan

Think about where you like to go and easy marks for the kids along the way to find.

Step 2: Draw the map

Draw your own kids friendly walking map. Make sure to keep it simple and age-appropriate so your children can read it. Consider using different colors to mark the walking way or for the marks along the way.

Step 3: Go for your walk

Give your map to your children and let them lead the way! Help only if necessary. It’s their adventure!


  • Prepare the picnic together. Let them help cutting fruit or maybe even back some cupcakes together. They will love being mommy’s little or big helpers and enjoy the food even more!
  • Don’t forget your picnic blanket!
  • Choose a picnic spot with a wide-open grass area and use the chance to pack outdoor toys like a football, frisbee, or other fun activities!

I only can recommend this fun activity for kids. Even the big kids had a blast and I was happy we got a chance to spend some quality time together as a family in the fresh air!

BIO Susanne Williams:

Susanne is a designated mom of three beautiful little Tigers, a flight attendant, and a new lifestyle blogger. She happily shares her fun and easy kids’ activities and crafts, integrated into her everyday farm life, on social media to inspire others!


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