Dream Catcher Tutorial

We started homeschooling a few weeks back and it has been an adventure so far. My kids are not easily motivated to do school work and I have been trying hard to make it entertaining for them. We have been talking about Colonial America and Native American history and I tried to tie in fun activities relating to these topics. One of our crafts was making dream catchers and since we all enjoyed it I put together a dream catcher tutorial that you can follow along with your child.

The History of Dream Catchers

The meaning of dream catchers originate from Native American cultures. The dream catcher is a protective talisman that is used to protect people from nightmares and bad dreams. The charm was usually used for young children and hung above their cradles or beds.  

Dream catchers are usually made out of natural materials, a wooden frame, leather, beads and feathers.


  • Embroidery Hoop in any size
  • colorful yarn or string
  • beads in any shape or color
  • feathers
  • scissors
  • large-eye blunt needle

How to make a Dream Catcher – the Hoop

  1. Take the inner ring of the embroidery hoop. You can use the outer ring for another craft. We decided to wrap our hoops with yarn but you can also leave it natural.
  2. To wrap the hoop cut a strand of yarn, about a yard long, and tie it around the hoop. A little glue on the hoop helps to keep the string in place but we didn’t use any.

3. Cover the hoop and tie a knot at the end to keep it in place.

4. Now it is time to do the weaving in the center. Take the yarn and tie a double knot around the hoop to secure the end. Then tie the yarn over the hoop through the center back and forth from different angles. There is no right or wrong way. My daughter chose a simple star, my son went crazy with his yarn and it both turned out great. End with another double knot and cut the string.

Beads and Feathers

  1. Cut a strand of yarn, about 20 inches long. Pick a feather and tie it to the end. Thread the needle and string a few beads onto the strand. If you would like to have alternate sections of yarn and beads, tie knots to stop beads from moving.
  2. Once you have the desired length tie the strand to the hoop. Make sure to secure it really well, add a dot of glue if your yarn keeps fraying.

3. Repeat two more times and tie the strands to the hoop. We made the outer strands a little shorter than the center but that is up to you. You can also add more beads, pom poms or feathers.

Now your dream catcher is finished. If you like you can add a loop to hang it.

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