Easy Leaf Print Art

I like nature crafts. They are unique, beautiful, materials are free and readily available. This easy leaf print art project requires little to no prep and uses items you already have at home. A great project when the kids are bored and it is too hot to play outside.


  • washable markers – We used broad line markers from Cra-Z-art but any kind will work. The bigger and bolder the better.
  • white paper or card stock
  • damp paper towel (not pictured)
  • leaves

Leaf Prints

  • Gather all the materials and go outside to pick a few leaves. Flat leaves with prominent veins will give you the best results.
  • Place a leaf smooth side down on a sheet of paper or newspaper. Color the leaf with washable markers however you like. Be careful not to press too hard because even thick leaves can break easily.
  • Take the damp paper towel and rub it over the area where you want to make the print on a sheet of paper. Do not soak the paper. Just a bit of water is all you need to transfer the marker stains.
  • Then turn your leaf around, painted side down, and press it onto the paper. The color will transfer onto the surface.
  • Lift the leaf and admire your print.
  • Repeat. Tip: You can wipe off painted leaves with a wet paper towel and reuse them.

We tried several color combinations and markers and discovered that highlighters work well, too. The bigger the marker the less likely it is to break the leaf.

You could also use paint but that would be more of a mess and maybe unwanted if you are just looking for a quick and easy craft.

You might also enjoy Toothbrush Art with leaves and flowers.

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