Fall Tree Paper Collage

Inspired by Tracey English’s artwork I created a Fall Tree Paper Collage craft for kids and grown-ups.

A few weeks ago I discovered artist and illustrator Tracey English and fell in love with her hand-painted paper collages. They are colorful, happy, and whimsy. She creates beautiful art by cutting and arranging painted paper. Check out her website to view her work. We especially like her dog cards.


  • white card stock
  • tree template printed on card stock – link below
  • watercolors and paint brushes
  • water
  • scissors
  • glue, liquid or glue stick


  1. Print out the tree template on white card stock.

2. Paint the blank card stock sheets with watercolors. Apply layers of different colors to create shades and patterns. We discovered that using just a tiny bit of water works best. Using too much water will cause the paper to dry wavy and the colors will be too pale.

3. Let paint dry for a couple hours.

4. Once dry cut out small leaves, enough to decorate the tree. The leaves shown are about 1 inch in length.

5. Glue leaves onto the paper. Liquid glue works well but a glue stick is less messy when crafting with kids.

I hope you will enjoy making this fall tree paper collage. You can also create tree collages for all seasons by using different colored leaves, cutting out flowers or snowflakes.

If you are looking for an easy craft without the mess of watercolors and drying time you can use patterned scrapbook paper instead of hand painted paper.

We used the same tree template to make tissue paper trees.

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