Father’s Day Printables

Father’s Day is coming up in a few short weeks and it’s time to think about what to give Dad. Moms get a lot of sentimental gifts like poems and handmade cards and it is often assumed Dads don’t appreciate these kinds of things but my experience is rather the opposite. I have never seen a father being disappointed receiving a handmade card from their child.

Here are two Father’s Day Printables, a questionnaire, and a coloring sheet for young children to do.

Dad’s Portrait

Print out the coloring page, give your children crayons or markers, and ask them to draw a portrait of their Dad or father figure. The outline of the head and shoulders on the print will help preschoolers to identify where the eyes, nose, and mouth go. Depending on the age and skill of the artist this can either turn out hilarious or actually look like Dad. Below are two examples. The handsome guy on the left is my husband. Don’t forget to add the name and date so you will be able to go back later and see how old they were.

Father’s Day Questionnaire

Print out the questionnaire, find a quiet moment, and interview your kids. You will see that some of the answers can be quite surprising. I remember receiving these questionnaires from my children for Mother’s Day and some answers made me giggle because they were outrageous. It is something to put away as a keepsake and read later when your kids are all grown.

You can download the pages right here:

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