Felt Cookie Tutorial – Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookie Series Part 2

After the Sandwich Cookie tutorial, I would like to show you how to make chocolate chip cookies out of felt.

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Chocolate chip cookies and candy cookies are so yummy and my son remarked more than once that he was sad he couldn’t eat the felt cookies because they looked so good.

I work with wool blend felt which I order online. It is easier to cut than craft felt and comes in a great variety of colors. But for this project, you can just use craft felt sheets that are widely available in stores.

Material needed:

felt in beige and dark brown

colorful scraps of felt for candy cookies

embroidery floss in matching colors

needle and scissors

Fabric glue optional – I use this one:

Polyfil/ Fiber Fill

Felt Cookie Tutorial:

  • Cut your cookies in circles. Mine are 2 inches in diameter but yours can be as big or small as you like. You need 2 circles per cookie.
  • If you are making these cookies for small children who might try to rip off the chocolate chips then now is the time to sew them on the top side of your cookie with a couple of tiny stitches.
  • If this is for older kids don’t attach them yet.
  • Thread your needle, tie a knot and sew the two cookie layers together with a blanket stitch. Leave about 1 inch open.
  • Fill the cookie with a bit of Poly Fil and then sew the opening shut.
  • Now you have a plain cookie.
  • Cut out little shapes and glue them with the fabric glue onto the cookie. The glue will dry within twenty minutes. I have been using it for years in my shop, even washed and ironed projects and the glue holds.

I hope you enjoyed this felt cookie tutorial!

Now we have two cookies on our plate. Next will be sugar cookies.

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