Felt Sandwich Cookie Tutorial

Cookie Series Part 1

I want to show you how to make felt cookies. They are so cute and pretty and great for tea parties, playing shop, or house. And they don’t take a lot of time to make, which is always a plus because you most likely won’t abandon your project halfway through and you can make lots of them.

I want to start with the easiest cookie, the Sandwich Cookie. America’s favorite milk dunking sugary goodness. Technically you don’t even need to sew and could use fabric glue but I love the little indentations the stitches leave behind and they are more durable when sewn.

I almost exclusively work with wool blend felt because it is much easier to cut with scissors, keeps its shape, and comes in hundreds of colors. Unless you are lucky to have a specialty store in your town that carries wool felt you will have to order it online. For this cookie tutorial craft felt is perfectly fine.

If you would like to order wool felt online, here is where I buy mine: Prairie Woolens. They have an excellent variety of colors and often ship the same day.

Here is what you need:

black felt

white felt


black embroidery thread and needle – or fabric glue if you don’t want to bother with sewing.

Felt Cookie Tutorial:

  • Cut the felt in 2-inch diameter circles. If you have a Cricut Maker or a cutting machine this will be easy because the machine will do it for you, but you can use a compass or outline of a round object as a template.
  • You need two white circles for the filling and two black circles for the cookie part.
  • Stack them up like this.
  • Thread your sewing needle and tie a knot at the end of your thread. Then start by inserting the needle from the inside to the outside of the black top layer because this will keep the knot hidden.
  • Now you go back and forth through all layers of felt in a so-called straight running stitch. Try to keep the stitches even and small.

Sew all the way around and tie off your thread. That’s it!

I hope you enjoyed this felt cookie tutorial. Try making chocolate chip cookies next.

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