Fingerprint Birds

Fingerprint art is an easy craft, even for the littlest artist, and makes great personal gifts for friends and relatives. I saved all hand- and footprint projects created by my kids, from tiny babies to elementary school and will hold on to them forever. As the kids are getting older and their feet aren’t as tiny any longer, we discovered printing with fingers. It is less messy and they can work independently. Fingerprint birds are super cute and would look fabulous on a greeting card or framed. I am going to show you two different ideas for bird prints.


  • card stock or paper
  • ink stamp pads in various colors
  • black marker, extra-fine tip

These are the stamp pads we use. They are fairly inexpensive and the colors are bright and friendly. Also, they are washable and make it very easy to clean fingers afterward. They also come in different color variations. Michael’s Neon Ink Pads

Fingerprint Birds on a Wire

  1. Draw a wire across a sheet of paper.
  2. Take your ink pads and add fingerprints along the wire, as colorful and many as you want. If you do not have ink pads, watercolors and acrylic paint will also work.
  3. Let dry if using paint.
  4. Add faces, wings and talons.

Flock of Birds

Let your child place fingerprints all over the paper and decorate with marker.

There are so many fun ways to create art with prints. Read also this post on how to make a bug jar with a free printable jar template and activity pages.

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