Froot Loops Activity Mats

I designed six Froot Loops Activity Mats for preschoolers to practice color recognition, counting, and fine motor skills. They are free to download and for ages 2 and up. Young toddlers might not be able to count yet, but they can work on matching colors and the pincer grasp.

Froot Loops are sweet and colorful. They are not only for breakfast but also good for crafts and activities. The ring-shaped cereal is a great medium to work with if you have kids who still stick everything in their mouths.

All you need is cereal and a printer. Lots of cereal if you are working with a little snacker.

If you have a laminator I would recommend laminating the sheets to make them more durable. Clear sheet protectors also work well to keep the activity mats clean. If you like you can also glue the loops onto the paper, which is also an activity most children love.

This is the laminator I use and would always buy again. These are affiliate links which mean I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase through these links:

Activity Mats

Above you can see the worksheets that are included in the PDF file. Match the colors to the popsicles. Do the same with the donuts and flowers, and count the Froot Loops. Toddlers who can’t count yet can just practice to place the cereal on the rings.

The apple tree is more of a fun addition. Instead of apples the tree could also carry blossoms, oranges or a rainbow of colors.

I added the giraffe because we did a similar craft in preschool where we glued Cheerios onto paper giraffes during Zoo Week and it was a big hit with the kids.

Here is the downloadable file:

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