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Fun Sticker Activities

Kids love stickers. I have never met a child that didn’t love them. Stickers make things pretty, they are great as rewards, to help over a small injury, and to keep kids entertained for a few minutes. There are so many fun sticker activities you can do, the possibilities are endless.

I have to admit, I have a little bit of a sticker addiction. Every time I run into pretty, funny, or useful stickers I just have to buy them. Since I bought a Cricut I also learned how to make my own, which is really neat. When I substitute in elementary school I give them out as rewards for good behavior and it works! In preschool, we love themed stickers to decorate with. For example Easter stickers for paper eggs, Fall themed stickers on pumpkins, and so on. They are great for working on fine motor skills and even a one-year-old can do it.

Here are some ideas for sticker activities.

Stickers are available in a huge variety, themes, letters and numbers, sheets and booklets. My favorite for kids are the sticker books at Michaels. They only cost 99 cents and are easy to peel off and come off easily.

1. Landscape Sticker Activities

I found a booklet with dinosaurs and drew a landscape. Then I had a child place dinosaurs all over the paper. Below is the result.

It took only a few minutes to draw and look how cute it turned out. You could do this with any theme. Draw an ocean for mermaid stickers, draw a garden for flowers, a zoo for animals, whatever you can think of.

2. Ugly Sweaters

Draw the outline of sweaters or other clothes and have your child decorate them. This is especially fun around Christmas time.

3. Find the Match, Educational Sticker Activities

Place two of the same stickers on a sheet of paper and have the child connect the match.

Other educational activities would be sorting colors, shapes, or sizes. Here are more ideas on how to use stickers as educational tools: dot stickers.

4. I-spy

Put a lot of different stickers on a sheet of paper and then play I-spy. Can you find the purple fish?

5. Just have Fun

If you need a few minutes to get something done, give your kid paper and a bunch of stickers and just let them go for it.

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