Goldfish Math Cards

A few days ago I posted a goldfish cracker game to practice addition. Today I want to show you another way to make counting fun: with Goldfish Math Cards. They are a great way to practice simple equations, number recognition and you can also make up your own math problems.

What is in the Goldfish Math Cards File included

The file includes a fishbowl page, 4 pages of task cards, and one sheet of blank cards that can be usedd to make up your own math problems. The equations are simple addition and do not go beyond number 10. Other cards are listing numbers to be counted out, which is ideal for preschoolers that are working on their number recognition.

Download the file and print out the pages. Laminate the pages and cut out the cards. It is not a must to laminate them but they will last a long time when sealed.

Also, if the blank cards are laminated they can be reused. A dry-erase marker will wipe right off of the plastic layer.

How to Use the Cards

Aside from the fishbowl page and the task cards you will need fish. We use Goldfish Crackers, but Swedish Fish, plastic fish or shells, even stickers will work as well.

Pick a card and fill the aquarium with the number shown. Have the child solve the addition problems by adding up the goldfish. This is so much more fun than filling out worksheets!

You can find the math cards in my shop. The purchase will help me to produce more craft and learning activities.

Here is the link to the FREE printable Goldfish Math Game post.

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