Goldfish Math Game

When it comes to preschool and Kindergarten there are a ton of fun activities you can do to teach your child numbers and counting. My kids used to bring home math homework games in Kindergarten. Since neither one of them is a big fan of homework I tried to make it more interesting by trying to make it visually more appealing to them. Today’s freebie is a Goldfish Math Game that my son still likes to play. He loves Goldfish crackers so there is some extra motivation.

All you need to do is print out the page and laminate it. Lamination is not required but it makes the game more durable and you can reuse it over and over. You will need one page per player. It is best to have no more than three players. More will make it difficult to keep track of in that age group.

You also need two dice and goldfish crackers. And then the game can begin!

If you do not have goldfish you can use anything you have on hand: buttons, coins, gummy bears, or just cross them out with a marker.

How to play the Goldfish Math Game

The first player rolls the dice and adds up the dots. Then he places a goldfish on top of the matching number in his fishbowl. The goal of the game is to fill the aquarium until all numbered fish are covered.

Every player takes their turn and covers the fish. If you roll a number that has already been covered you have to sit out the turn. Whoever fills their fishbowl first wins.

This is a quick and easy educational game that most kids enjoy to play. You just have to make sure you don’t eat them all before the game is over.

You can download the fishbowl printable right here:

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