Happy Pumpkins Stamp Art

Have you ever grown pumpkins? A couple of years ago my son brought home pumpkin seeds and begged us to grow our own jack-o-lanterns. Little did we know that the vines would take over our yard, climb over fences, invade our neighbor’s property and suffocate our tomatoes and squash plants. The outcome was one large, oddly shaped pumpkin, and made my son extremely proud. It was definitely an experience but it is safe to say we will not grow them again. Crafting with pumpkins is a different story though! This happy pumpkins stamp art is such a fun and easy craft. Doesn’t it make you smile looking at these joyful little guys?


  • white card stock
  • small piece green construction paper
  • orange and brown craft paint (or brown marker)
  • paintbrush or sponge brush
  • googly eyes
  • black Sharpie
  • glue
  • scissors
  • apple, cut in half
  • cup of water

Happy Pumpkins Stamp Art Instructions

  1. Cut apple in half and paint the inside with orange craft paint.
  2. Press the apple paint side down on the white card stock.
  3. Use the paintbrush to cover the center.

4. Stamp several pumpkins on the card stock and let dry for a few minutes.

5. You can paint the stems with brown craft paint now or, if you are using marker, draw them on once the paint is dry.

6. Meanwhile cut the green paper in very thin strips. Take a pen or use the handle of the paintbrush to tie the strips around it to create curly vines.

Once paint is dry

7. Glue googly eyes on the pumpkins and draw faces. If you prefer jack-o-lanterns you could also leave out the googly eyes and draw a spooky face.

8. Glue the curly vines next to the stems.

If you are doing this craft with very young kids or a larger group of preschoolers you could draw on the vines or leaves instead of gluing on the vines, which can be a little challenging for small hands.

You might also like Kandinsky inspired pumpkin art. This craft is for kids elementary school and up.

Or try apple suncatchers for a beautiful window decoration.

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