Haunted House Tutorial

This haunted house is fun and spooky and combines everything Halloween is about. Bats, ghosts, witches and ghouls! This craft requires help from a grown-up but can also be changed up to make it easier for kids. The haunted house tutorial comes with a printable house template but I also want to inspire you to make your own design.


  • House template printable
  • construction paper in black, yellow and assorted Halloween colors
  • scissors
  • Exacto knife
  • glue
  • cutting mat or newspaper to prevent cutting the tabletop
  • black marker
  • pencil

Haunted House Tutorial

You can download the template right here:

Usually, I like to print templates on card stock but it will be much easier to print this on printer paper because of all the cuts.

  1. Cut out the haunted house. Take an Exacto knife or cutting knife and cut out the windows. Do not cut along the dotted lines!
  2. Fold the shutters back along the dotted lines. Open the door and fold it open as well.
  3. If you are working with small children you can forego cutting out the windows. Instead, cut out yellow paper squares and glue them onto the house.

4. Place the template on black construction paper and trace the outline and openings.

5. Cut out the house and windows and fold the shutters and door back.

6. Trace the outline of the house on yellow paper and cut.

7. Glue the yellow paper to the backside of the black house. Now you have a house with lit up windows.

8. Glue the house onto purple paper or any color you prefer.

9. Draw spooky creatures into the windows and decorate the outside and sky. I added little ghosts, bats, and a cat. You could also use stickers or colorful markers instead of just black.

Here is a closer look at the creatures living in the house.

For more Halloween fun try out Paper Plate Bats or Halloween activity pages.

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