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Kandinsky Pumpkin Art

It is September and I have seen the first pumpkins being sold at farm stands. Fall is my favorite season and we usually go pumpkin picking and to Halloween events. This year is going to be a bit different since most farms canceled their Fall festivals. One more reason to do more Fall crafts and decorate the house. Kandinsky pumpkin art is a creative way to celebrate Fall and it is also an educational activity to teach children about Wassily Kandinsky. The Russian painter is known as the pioneer of abstract art. One of his most famous paintings is the Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles shown below.

Since we are homeschooling this year I decided to teach the kids about abstract art and combine it with pumpkins. We looked at his paintings, learned about Kandinsky’s life and made art inspired by his work.

Pumpkin Art Materials

All you need is white card stock to print out the pumpkin template and oil pastels. Since we are fairly new to drawing with oil pastels we have this little set. It is inexpensive compared to larger variety sets and the pastels are small and fit just right into small hands.

Watercolors also work for a blending effect, but crayons and markers will work as well.


  1. Print out the pumpkin template on a piece of card stock. Here is the link:

2. Trace the lines with a dark color. We chose black. It doesn’t have to be perfect since everything will be blended later.

3. Color each pumpkin with three colors from outside to the center in ring shapes. From time to time carefully shake the paper to remove the chalk dust otherwise your hand will smear it all over the paper.

4. Color all the pumpkins and then the squares.

5. Use your fingers to blend the pumpkins and smooth out the colors.

Experiment with watercolors, crayons and different color variations for stunning results.

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