Learning Activities With Dot Stickers

Sticker learning activities – This afternoon, while I was cleaning out my kitchen drawers, I found a package of dot stickers. These little colorful stickers are not only good for yard sale price tags, they are awesome when it comes to keeping kids busy. There are countless learning activities and crafty projects you can do with dot stickers.

I love them because

  1. You can buy them at almost every store for little money.
  2. They come in lots of bright colors.
  3. They are easy to peel off.
  4. You can write on them.
  5. Fine Motor Skill development

I sat down with my son and together we came up with 10 learning activities using dot stickers.

Sticker Names

Write the name or a word on a piece of paper. The goal is to cover the letters with stickers. This activity assists with letter and name recognition, fine motor skill development and following instructions.

Alphabet Match Learning Activities

Write the letters of the alphabet on a sheet of paper and also on stickers. Then have your child find and match each letter to its partner. This is a fun way to practice letter recognition.

Upper- and Lowercase Letters

Decide on which letters you would like to work on and then write them in upper- and lowercase on a few sheets of stickers. Younger kids can practice one or two letters, Kindergarteners will be able to identify more. Make a grid on a sheet of paper and have your child stick each letter in its dedicated space.

Letter and Number Caterpillars

Draw the head of a caterpillar and write the alphabet or numbers on stickers. The task is to line up the stickers in order. This activity helps with learning sequencing and of course letter and number recognition and fine motor skills. Kids love to make caterpillars.

Name recognition Fun

Get creative, draw a flower and have your kid arrange its name or numbers as flower petals. Use snakes or other drawings to practice words, for example, draw a dog and write the letters D-O-G on stickers. Then ask your child to bring the stickers in order to spell dog.

Dot Math Learning Activities

Give your child a simple math equation. Then visualize the equation by writing it on paper and also adding stickers. A lot of children have difficulties to add or subtract numbers, but adding stickers or other physical items (candy, buttons) makes it easier to count.

Tracing Lines

Draw a snail or lines. Straight, squiggly, wavy, any way you like. Then cover the lines with stickers. This activity is for toddlers and up to work on pre-writing skills.


Divide a paper in two halves. Add lines of stickers to one side. Have the child copy the patterns on the left.

Mirror Image

Draw butterflies and place stickers on one side of the wings. The task is to create a mirror image with stickers to create symmetry.

As you can see, dot stickers offer so many possibilities to create learning activities. Pick some up on your next shopping trip!

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