Lunchbox Printables for Kids

The first day of school is always a big change for kids and parents. Everything is new, kids are suddenly on their own and might miss home. To make separation a little easier you can put one of the lunchbox printables in this article into their bag. They will find the sweet little note during their lunch break and know you are thinking about them.

I didn’t see a lot of lunchbox notes in preschool but when one my students found a note it caused a big smile and excitement. So even if your child can’t read yet, a little picture, a heart shaped sandwich or post-it note are more appreciated than you might assume.

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How to pack a preschool lunch

A lot of parents that are sending their kids off to school for the first time are unsure what to put in their little ones lunchbox.

If you child goes to preschool:

  • Make sure to label everything! Otherwise, everyone will insist that the Paw Patrol cup is theirs.
  • Cut everything into bite-size pieces and do not send anything that needs to be prepared on the stove. Often there is only one preschool teacher watching a whole group of 3-year-olds and this teacher will be thankful if she does not need to heat up mac and cheese and cut and peel apples.
  • A great preschool lunch contains fruit, a sandwich, crackers, cheese cubes, yogurt, cut up meats, veggies. I know, a lot of kids are very picky but Cheetos and a Poptart will leave your child hungry and cranky. And yes, it happens quite often that kids get sent to school with a bag of chips and nothing else. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just not pure sugar and fast food.
  • Add a little treat.
  • Be mindful of food allergies. Ask about your school's policies. Some do not allow tree nuts/peanuts in the classroom.
  • Practice at home. Have a packed lunch and practice unzipping the lunchbox, how to open and close the sippy cup etc.

Here are a few tried and tested lunch gadgets. As an Amazon affiliate, I might get a small commission if you purchase through one of my links at no extra costs to you.

Elementary school lunch

Basically the same as above, but you won't have to cut everything in small pieces.

If you are sending your child to Kindergarten practice having lunch. Make sure they know how to open and close their cups, containers, etc. In preschool they get a lot of help but in school, kids are expected to do most of these tasks on their own.

And keep in mind that school is a long day. Pack an extra snack and a refillable water bottle.

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Below are the lunchbox printables. Download the PDF file, print it and cut out the little notes. I hope your child will like them. You might also like my post about the best 1. day of school books.

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