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Mix it up!

Mix it up! by Herve Tullet is a wonderful book for preschoolers. It teaches about primary colors and what happens when you mix them with each other. The book calls young readers to action: shake the book, squish the pages, mix the colors. It keeps even toddlers engaged and active while learning in a playful way without making a mess.

We do like making a mess here and followed along with paint and paper and mixed our own colors. Why don’t you join us for some Mix it up! book activities?!

If you are not familiar with the book you can order it here or watch it being read on YouTube. This is a good narration that is short and easy to listen to:

Let’s Paint!

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Materials needed:

  • white paper or card stock. I prefer card stock because it holds it’s shape better and doesn’t get wrinkly so easily.
  • craft paint in white, black, yellow, red and blue
  • water, paintbrush or Q-tips, paper towels or wipes

We decided to paint with our fingers instead of using a paintbrush.

Primary colors

I poured the three primary colors on a page of cardstock. The official names are yellow, magenta and cyan but for small children yellow, red and blue are much easier to remember. We then followed the mixing instructions in the book where we discovered the secondary colors: green, orange, and purple. Our purple did not turn out as pretty as in the book but the kids were happy with it either way.

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Then we went ahead and turned the pages and followed each task. What happens when white and black are mixed with colors? How about just mixing white and black? The results are down below.

Handprint Activity

This is another activity to do while you already have the paint out. In the beginning of Mix it up! the silhouette of a hand is being created by placing a hand on a page full of paint dots. This is easily created by tracing your hand on a piece of paper. Cut out the silhouette and place it flat on another sheet of paper. Make sure it does not slide around. You can secure it with a little bit of tape if necessary.

Paint dots all around the paper. It can be done with a paintbrush, fingers, or Q-tips. Lift the cutout and you can see the silhouette of your hand.

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