Paper Plate Bat

Halloween is around the corner and we have been busy crafting during our Fall break. My son requested something with bats, so we made a paper plate bat that flies through the night.

Paper plates are a great craft medium. They are versatile and cheap, paint and glue will stick to the surface which makes them easy to work with.

I designed two templates, one in black and white to cut out and trace on construction paper, the second one in color to cut and paste to the paper plate. You can also use stickers or paint a scene with markers or craft paint.


  • paper plates – the plain white ones work best
  • printed template
  • construction paper in black and yellow
  • scissors
  • glue
  • piece of string, at least twice the length of the plate
  • craft paint in black and purple (plus any colors you want to include)
  • paintbrush
  • star stickers (optional)
  • hole punch (optional)

Paper Plate Bat Templates

Download the templates and print on card stock.

The bat in both versions is ready to use with eyes and fangs. Just print and cut out.

If you are working with young children and want to make your life easier, print out the color template. This way all you need to do is cut and paste.

If you prefer to use other colors, print out the b/w template, cut out the items you want to use and trace the shapes on construction paper.


  • Paint the paper plate with craft paint. We chose purple for the center but any color other than black will work.
  • While the plate is drying cut out the bat and other shapes you would like to use.
  • Glue the string to the back of the bat and secure it with a little piece of construction paper or tape.
  • If you are using the colored template glue the items to the center of the plate.
  • For b/w trace the shapes on construction paper, cut out and paste to the plate.

We chose a mix of both. Stickers and glitter glue would also look great.

Attaching the Bat

  • If you own a hole punch, use it to make a hole on the left and right side of the rim, a little higher than the median. Scissors or an Exacto knife will work as well.
  • Thread the ends of the thread through the holes.
  • To prevent the thread from slipping through the holes, glue a piece of paper to both ends. Beads or anything larger than the openings are also a good idea.
  • Pull the string back and forth to make the bat fly.

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