Pinwheels that really spin

Pinwheels are pretty and versatile. They make great home and party decor, you can wear them in your hair, stick them in your yard or on a stroller to entertain your toddler. I am going to show you how to make pinwheels that really spin because they are so much more fun than the ones that are just plain decor.

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colorful construction paper or scrapbook paper, preferably printed on both sides

ruler and pencil


paper straw

ball head straight pin

needle-nose pliers

hot glue gun

pony beads or pearls

Cut your paper into a square. My square is 6×6″. I found these at Hobby Lobby and they are printed in front and back.

Mark the center with a pencil.

Cut from each corner straight down towards the center but not all the way. Leave about 1 inch uncut.

Take the needle-nose pliers and bend the pin in a 90-degree angle about half an inch away from the head. They bend easily. Using pliers makes it safer.

Fold down every other corner of your cut paper squares towards the center. They should overlap as shown in the picture. You can secure each one with a little glue.

Poke the pin through all layers in the center.

Depending on the space thread one or two pony beads on the needle. The beads will keep the wheel away from the straw and it will spin more easily.

Fill the end of the paper straw with hot glue. Stick the needle in the glue and hold everything in position until the glue hardens. Top the straw off with more glue if needed.

In a few minutes you can make pretty pinwheels that really spin. I made four and it took less than half an hour from start to finish.

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