Playdough Monsters

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We have monsters in the house! Playdough monsters that is. These silly creatures are so fun and easy to make, even for toddlers. They are also great for fine motor skill development and sparking imagination. There are no rules or instructions other than “Don’t eat the googly eyes!”. Create your own monsters with almost no preparation required and items you already have at home.


  • Playdough – homemade, store-bought, any colors, the brighter the better
  • googly eyes in different sizes
  • pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, glitter, buttons, straws …… anything you can think of and already have on hand

Here is a recipe for 2 ingredient cloud dough if you would like to make it from scratch.

Create Your Playdough Monsters

In this house, it is frowned upon mixing playdough colors together but that is totally up to you. In preschool, we give each child one color to start and somehow the kids end up sharing with each other and it all ends up mixed together within a few minutes. I have learned to accept it.

If you are doing this activity in a group setting it is recommended to divide the material up before you start. Otherwise, there will be a guaranteed fight over the most desirable items a.k.a. large googly eyes. Give each child a tub of playdough and a variety of items to decorate with.

Get creative and make some crazy and (not so) scary monsters. The pictures shown in this post are from different occasions. It is a fun activity for children and adults of all ages. Here are some more pictures of our creations.

If you leave them out for a day they will harden and can be played with without losing shape.

I would love to see your playdough monsters!

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