Potato Stamp Ghosts

These little Potato Stamp Ghosts are so cute! They are super easy to make and a great Halloween craft for little ones. Their faces can be scary or friendly, however you prefer. All you need for this activity is a few common household items you probably already have at home.

I love crafts that don’t require much preparation or a trip to the store for ingredients I will most likely never use again. These spooky ghosts are just ideal because everyone has potatoes, right? And if not, apples work well, too. Potatoes are easy to grip for little hands and make them a good material to work with.


  • black card stock
  • white craft paint
  • potatoes
  • knife
  • sponge brush or paint brush
  • paper plate

Instead of card stock you can also use fabric, wood, canvas or any other kind of surface. You can also decorate greeting cards.

Carving the Potato

Even though potato stamping is easy to do for kids, the stamp carving should be done by an adult.

  • Cut a potato in half and carefully mark the outline of a ghost on the cut surface. You can also take a pen and draw the silhouette on the potato.
  • Then carefully cut about 1/3 of an inch down and then along the sides to cut out the ghost.
  • with the knife or a toothpick cut out the eyes and mouth.
  • Let the potato dry for a bit.

Cut a handle into the backside to make it easier to grip the potato stamp.

Instead of ghosts you could cut out pumpkins, bats or really anything you like. Potato stamps are good for any season. Trees for Christmas, eggs for Easter, hearts for Valentine’s Day. You get the idea.

We have used mini cookie cutters to create stamps as well. Just push them into the potato and cut along the outside. Then remove the cookie cutter and you are ready to paint.

Potato Stamp Ghosts

  • Pour the white paint onto a paper plate.
  • With the brush apply the paint onto the ghost stamp.
  • Press the potato onto the paper.
  • Repeat!

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