Scratch Art DIY

When I was little I used to do a lot of scratch art. I just loved the surprise of which colors would peek through when I started drawing or writing on the black surface. Now they are selling scratch art notepads and craft kits, which my kids like to do, but did you know you can make your own art paper very easily for a fraction of the costs? I will show you two ways to do it.

Scratch Art Materials:

  • white card stock
  • crayons, the more colors the better
  • sponge brush or paint brush
  • black craft paint
  • tooth pick, wooden skewer or pencil to scratch images

Color your paper with crayons. I am using jumbo crayons because it goes a little faster. You will need a thick layer and it can take some elbow grease to color the whole sheet, but you want the colors to be vibrant and that means a lot of coloring.

Option 1 (the easy way)

This is how we used to do it when I was little. You take a black crayon and cover the colors with a thick black layer.

Pros: It’s not messy, a preschooler can do it, and you can start drawing as soon as it is covered.

Cons: It takes some time and strength to color, so maybe start out with a smaller area instead of using a whole sheet of card stock. It will also not be as smoothly covered as option 2.

Once it is done, take your scratching tool and write or draw on the black to reveal the colors underneath. A sharp pencil works great. Here is the result. You can see I wasn’t entirely able to blend out the colors underneath, but for a quick craft it works just fine.

Option 2:

Paint the card stock black. It should be a thin and even layer because this will prevent the paper from getting wavy, and it will be easier to draw on a smooth surface.

Pros: Painting instead of using a black crayon will give you better coverage, it is easier to do and the results are more vibrant in the end.

Cons: The paint will have to dry which can take about an hour and the paper might get a little wavy when drying.

Now take your scratch art tool, I used a rosewood stick from a manicure set but a pencil or toothpick works great too. You don’t have to press hard, the paint layer will come right off.

Here are my end results. I am not good at drawing firework as you can see. I hope you will enjoy this easy craft with your kids.

Happy coloring!

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  • Leslie

    How cute! My 8 year old can spend hours playing with those scratch art packs, and would probably love making her own scratch art. Thanks for the tutorial!

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