Straw Bracelets

Straw bracelets are such an easy craft, even toddlers can join in without needing much assistance. The bracelets can be made in all kinds of patterns and colors, cost next to nothing, take a couple minutes to make and look so cute. And don’t forget fine-motor-skill development. This craft is perfect for working on it!


  • colorful plastic or paper straws, cut into small sections
  • pipe cleaners (1 per bracelet)
  • scissors
  • wire cutters (optional)
  • Cut the straws into small sections. For toddlers, I would recommend larger, 1-inch pieces. Older kids are fine with small pieces.
  • Take a pipe cleaner in matching colors and bend one end of it so the pieces won’t be able to slide off when you thread them onto it. I rolled the end up like a snail.
  • Thread the straw pieces onto the pipe cleaner.
  • Once you have enough beads to fit around the wrist, form a ring, and twist the pipe cleaner ends together. Cut off the excess and the bracelet is done.

Alternatives to Straw Bracelets

If you are making this craft with boys and they do not like straw bracelets because the are too girly, you could let them make shapes like a circle or triangle.

You can also make snakes or worms. Just secure both ends so the straws won’t be able to slide off. Glue googly eyes to one end and you have an animal.

This activity is also great for take-along busy bags. The material is light and small and will fit in any purse. Here is another idea for a busy bag: Popsicle Stick Patterns


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