Tissue Paper Art

A few weeks ago I fell in love with bleeding tissue paper art. It is easy to work with and the results are vibrant and fun.

Bleeding tissue paper looks and feels like gift wrapping paper but it releases it’s color when made wet. You can purchase it in school supply and craft stores or on amazon. It comes in sheets or cut shapes, is fairly inexpensive, and will last you a long time. This craft is also quick and simple enough that a toddler can do it with a little bit of supervision.

A few weeks ago I made a patriotic tissue paper craft but since it is the beginning of summer I wanted to make colorful flowers this time.

Here are some affiliate links from Amazon so you can see what is available. I am working with the Pacon Art Paper and like it a lot.

Materials for Tissue Paper Art

  • Card stock or watercolor paper
  • sponge brush and water or a spray bottle with water. Kids love to use the spray bottle!
  • bleeding tissue paper
  1. Cut the paper in flower shapes, leaves, or have your child tear it in small pieces. It doesn’t have to be perfect since everything will get fuzzy around the edges once the dye starts running.
  2. Wet the paper either with the sponge brush or the water spray bottle.

3. Place the flowers on the paper. Then add the leaves.

4. Last, fill in some gaps with blue.

5. Once everything is covered with tissue paper take the spray bottle and wet the paper to make sure all the dye gets released.

6. Wait a minute or two and then carefully lift off the tissue paper. Just a quick warning: the dye will color your hands, so if you have a problem with that you could wear gloves or use tweezers.

And here is the result!

If you want to explore a new craft, give bleeding tissue paper a try. I enjoyed it as much as my kids.

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