Tissue Paper Fall Tree

The leaves are starting to change colors soon and what better craft to do than a Tissue Paper Fall Tree! A simple activity to celebrate Fall and ideal for tots and preschool-age kids.

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Tissue Paper Fall Tree Instructions

  1. Print out the tree template.

You can also draw or paint a tree if you prefer, but it is easier to use the printable if you are working with a group of kids or are in a time crunch.

2. Tear the tissue paper into pieces and scrunch them into little ball shapes.

3. Apply glue all over the areas you want to place leaves. The more the better to make the paper balls stick.

4. Place the little balls/leaves onto the glue.

There is no rule where or how many leaves to use. One of the kids I was crafting with asked for black and orange tissue paper and made a spooky Halloween tree. My son asked for white paper and made a snowy tree. You can make one for every season.

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