Tissue Paper Jack-o-Lantern Luminaries

Halloween is my kids’ favorite holiday and they love to decorate the house. Jack-o-lantern luminaries are a great Halloween craft and not a bit scary, which makes them ideal for little ones. This craft doesn’t require many materials and even toddlers will be able to help.

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How to make Jack-o-lantern luminaries

1. Cut the tissue paper in small pieces

2. Inflate the balloons. Don’t blow them up all the way. Just large enough to fit an LED tea light, about the size of a water balloon or an apple.

3. “Paint” the balloon with Mod Podge. If the Mod Podge seems too thick you can add a bit water to the tub to thin out the paste.

4. Stick tissue paper pieces on the balloon. This part can be a bit messy. Cover the balloon about 2/3 with tissue.

5. After the first layer apply more Mod Podge to flatten out the paper and seal the edges. Be careful not to tear the paper. Add a second layer of paper.

6. After the second layer add a few more tissue pieces where areas seem too fragile or are torn. Our luminaries shown are made with two layers and a few touch up pieces. They need to be thin enough to be transparent and let the light shine through, but thick enough to hold their shape.

7. Apply a coat of Mod Podge and let your pumpkins dry overnight. Place the balloons upside down on cups so they will not get stuck on the table surface or table cloth.

Finishing touches

The tissue paper and Mod Podge pumpkin must be dry for the next step. Depending on layers and amount of paste used it can take up to a day. If it isn’t dry the tissue paper might tear.

  1. Pop the balloon and carefully remove it.
  2. Mold the jack-o-lantern back into shape and cut along the top to create an even rim.
  3. Draw a spooky face on the pumpkin.
  4. Add an LED tea light for safe enjoyment.

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