Water Toys For Your Backyard

Water toys and activities to stay cool while social distancing. – Summer is coming. Here in Tennessee we already had over 90 degrees this week and this is just the beginning of the hot and humid months to come. Due to COVID-19, all public pools in the area remain closed and unless you have your own pool or an HOA that decided to open up for the season you are not going to go swimming this summer. For my kids, this is a bummer as they love our local pool.

Thankfully there are a lot of fun things to do to cool off at home. Here is a list of some great toys and activities to cool off. This post contains affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission for purchases made through these links at no extra costs to you.

Pool Toys and Floats

If you are having your own pool in the backyard you have some great options.

These inflatable, glow-in-the-dark pool noodles are awesome. They come in a pack of 6 and glow at night.

A floating cornhole game is so much more fun than on dry land.

The same goes for the pool ringtoss game. Who wouldn’t prefer to play in the pool?

The adorable floats come together as a duo and are for kids and adults.

If you are getting the large flamingo float you might as well get the one for baby, too. It comes with a sun canopy for extra protection.

How about a swimming car for junior? Also with a canopy for extra sun protection. Available in blue and purple.

Kiddie Pools

The standard family size inflatable pool. Great when Mom and Dad also want to cool off. The pool is available in four sizes to fit any yard.

This is a tent and pool in one! Little ones will be away from the sun and still be able to play with water.

The travel frog pool pops up and goes anywhere with you. On a trip to Grandma? Take it along for your toddler to have some splashing fun.

A rainbow pool with canopy and the option to attach a hose for a sprinkler.

A pool for preschoolers and older kids. No crazy extras, just plain old fun.

Not only for dogs! If you have a water-loving pet that destroys every inflatable pool, consider buying this foldable PVC pool.

Sprinklers and Slides

This list does not include huge inflatable castles but rather more affordable options because who likes to spend $900 on a toy?

Jumping on a trampoline while having water spray all around them? My kids love it! A trampoline sprinkler is awesome!

A splash pad for little ones.

This cute sprinkler by Melissa and Doug is for hours of fun.

This Little Tykes ball sprinkles water everywhere.

This whale is a great affordable option for water play.

Friends own this water slide and it kept the kids busy for hours.

Another great slide. A little smaller with just one lane but still all the squeals.

Water Toys

Magnetic fishing game for little anglers. Good on dry land, kiddie pools or tubs. A whole bunch of water toys for a great price.

A 6 pack of water blasters for water fights with the neighborhood kids.

A large pack of diving sticks and fish for underwater treasure hunts.

2 story water table with accessories.

Red ,white and blue water balloons for a fun filled 4th of July.

Outdoor Activities involving Water

  • Water balloon fight
  • Car wash: spray toy cars with shaving foam and clean them off in buckets of water
  • Wash your car at home.
  • Take some plastic farm animals or dinosaurs and make them dirty with gardening soil, flour, shaving foam… Then wash them in water buckets.
  • Fill a kiddie pool or shallow storage tote with water. Play with boats or ocean animal figures.
  • Make paper boats and let them swim in your kiddie pool.
  • Soak clean sponges in water buckets and have a sponge battle with your friends.
  • Play baseball with water balloons.
  • Paint the sidewalk with a paintbrush and water.
  • Draw targets on the fence or driveway and practice shooting with water pistols.
  • Fill bowls or tubs with water. Give your toddler spoons and cups in different sizes for a filling and scooping station.
  • Freeze plastic figures in a bowl of water and “excavate” them.
  • Fill a tub with ice cubes and water for a scooping station.

I hope I gave you some ideas on how to stay cool and entertained this summer while having to social distance. Stay safe, don’t forget to put on sunscreen and wear your floaties.

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